Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

- Some of our favorite photos ~

Dalaleds Toyboy, or "Toby", as we know him.  We imported him from Sweden and he's proven to be an excellent Stud.  Hips OFA Good, eyes have passed CERF.

Toby is a gentle, lap-dog with a clownish personality.  He loves everyone and is eager to cuddle!

2008 update: Toby now lives with Paula Lacker, owner/breeder of Blue-Jay Kennels in Ohio.

Here is our sweet Dalaleds Ystre Ingo, but it's pretty obvious why we call him Ingo Incognito!  He is Toby's half-brother, also from Sweden.  Ingo's favorite playtime involves the kiddie pool and rolling in the dirt until he is thoroughly caked in mud.  Underneath his "disguise" is a beautiful fellow.  We'll be  getting his hips and eyes evaluated following his 2nd birthday in September, to see if he can be used in a breeding program.

2008 update: Ingo now resides with his new family, John & Jane Torma, in Wisconsin.  They are hoping to get one litter from Ingo, in order to retain his marvelous personality and excellent hips in the gene pool.

This pretty girl is our Heidi of Tucker, II.  We call her Heidipants, mainly because it seems there's quite a few Entles named Heidi in the USA! She joined our pack family when she was around 9 months old, coming to us as a "rehome".  She wasn't very well socialized then, but has come such a long way in her training. Now, she loves to jump in the van and go for rides.  We have to be careful how we park in "quiet zones", though.  Heidipants has learned, when we must leave her in the vehicle for a moment or two,  if she stands on the horn, we'll come running back to her! 

She, too, has had her hips and eyes done, so we know it's safe to use her in breeding. Heidi loves being a mother and is very good at it.  When we had more than one litter in our home at one time, it was not unusual for Heidipants to assume nursing both litters when the other mom weaned her pups!  Her "addiction to motherhood" has caused us some  embarrassment twice in the past.

 It is important for us to be honest about our own breeding program. We believe a good breeder won't let their girls do back-back litters.  Heidipants doesn't care.  She's going to be taking a vacation, like it or not, from having puppies until 2004.  She's taught us to stay three steps ahead of her when she's in season.  Next few heats, Heidipants is going to hide out in a locked motel room with Mom, wearing an industrial strength chastity belt!!

2008 update: Heidipants retired in 2004, enjoying life on our South Dakota farm, until she was mortally wounded a week before Christmas in 2006.  Her spirit continues in her offspring, who are blessing families to this day. She is definitely missed here at home.