Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

Llamas & Cats & Sheep... Oh My!!

One of the wonderful things about living here is being able to have a few other creatures to bring joy to our lives.  Yes, it means extra work, but the pleasure that comes from sharing life with them is well worth every second!  Kim is the one guilty of bringing most of these animals home... but Alfred has been seen spending time with them, as well.  Here are a few of the darlings gracing our lives ~~


  Here is BaaBaa, one of the kits born here a few years ago, to Daisy.  Daisy was an "unwed mom" heading for the shelter, so we took her in until she had her kittens.  We had her spayed, asap, then found another home for her.  4 of her kittens remained with us, (all spayed/neutered, of course) with the 5th kitten being adopted by our vet.  BaaBaa is a sweetie!



This is Shoobox's Jumpin' Jaxx, Kim's Balinese Blue Point.  The two are nearly inseperable, especially at bed time.  When Kim goes on the road to deliver pups or help with Entle rescues, she finds it difficult to sleep.  Why? Because she has gotten quite accustomed to having Jaxx purring loudly on her neck!  His steady motor lulls her to sleep every night!  Jaxx is very tolerant of the dogs, often seen trying to cuddle with them.  He is fearless of their sometimes, loud and rowdy play and will strut right through the middle of a tug game!



 Meet Weenkyn (left), Bleenkyn (right) & Nawd (center) - 3 wethered lambs that Kim could not send to the butchers.  They were supposed to come to us, wrapped in tiny white packages, but Kim met them the week before they were to be slaughtered.  They are big boys, but they follow her around like huge puppies.  She enjoys spending time with the boys, playing catch-me-if-you-can and hand feeding them daily.  Behind them, you can see part of Stryker, her male llama.  Their fiber (hair) always looks a bit dirty in winter, since it's not easy to bathe them in the frigid Montana weather.  Come Spring, they'll all get cleaned up and sheared.  Stryker is another of our critters who will follow Kim like a puppy.  Of course, that could be due to the pocket of treats she always has on hand!



Sallycat Carjacker is the name given this silly kitten.  She literally carjacked Kim one day, when she was in town to buy cat food.  This cat was crossing the road, with another orange tabby kitten - but sat squarely in the middle of the street when she saw Kim's van coming.  There was a couple in front of the house where the cat was "parked", who told Kim it was a stray.  They told her it was destined to be roadkill, if nobody adopted her.  Apparently, the kit's mom was a stray and had her litter at the house next door.  Kim had promised Alfred she wouldn't pick up any more stray cats, so the nice people on the side of the raod lifted Sallycat Carjacker into the van, onto Kim's lap.  Sallycat immediately began to purr and make herself comfortable in the van.  She road on the dashboard all the way home!  Once Kim explained the situation to Alfred, he accepted (with a huge sigh) that Sallycat was joining our pack.  Sally has proven herself worthy of friendship, being a very lovable girl.  Her favorite seat in the house is on Kim's lap, when she's trying to get stuff done on the computer.  For some odd reason, her favorite game is bat & bite mommy's nose!