Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

Introducing Molecule!

In December, 2003, Shoobox's Molecule of Hephzibah came to live with us.  She comes from Shoobox Kennels in Alpine, California. Kim met Molly when she was just a puppy, during a visit to Shoobox Kennels the previous year. Then she was a confident, happy puppy with an eagerness to please. She was adopted by a lovely family, joining their other Entle that was adopted from us. Sadly, Molly's family discovered the trainer who was also her vet, had traumatized her in some way.  When they learned she was now nervous around men, it was decided she would come live with us.  Molly is a sweet natured girl and slowly beginning to learn that not all men are mean.  Alfred has been working with her diligently, so she will regain her confidence when men are around.  We are very fortunate to have a neighbor's son coming to visit, also.  Molly is getting much better about relaxing when he is here.  She is a gorgeous girl and we are certain she will be a good representative of the breed. Here are some photos of Molly, since she has come to share our hearts and home....


 This was her first exposure to snow and she was not sure this was very fun!  Silly girl has grown used to it now and has lots of fun chasing the other kids around in the yard when the flakes are falling.  She hasn't quite mastered the idea of making snow angels, but Ingo is working on teaching her that fine skill!





Molecule has learned that we bought our furniture for the dogs.  She likes lounging on her futon and will share it with Mom & Dad, as well as the other kids.  Doesn't she have such a beautiful face!  We are thrilled with her excellent markings and structure.  She's a very bright girl and extremely agile.  Kim is considering looking into learning more about agility - a great sport for this breed.





 Here are Molly and our other new girl, Detroit.  They both came home with Kim, from California, at the same time.  Poor Molly had to fly cargo, while Detroit rode above in the cabin with Mom.  They are half-sisters, from Shoobox Kennels in Alpine, CA.  When these two begin cavorting, we're sure to get dizzy watching them race around the house!