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Name: Silvia Grimm
Email: grimm.weiler@t-online.de
Date: Mon Jan 30 05:32:34 GMT-12:00 2006
Hello from Germany,

very good Site an great Dogs,

best wishes,Silvia,Bernd and Poodles.


Name: Sonia
Date: Sat Nov 26 19:47:42 GMT-12:00 2005
Well this isn\'t an entry for medication. :-P

((((K & A))) Hope all is well with you and the furballs. Blogs are still down.

anyhooo... Happy Holidays! (((hugs)))) and loves

Name: Tami 911*SAR
Email: clutzycowgirl2002@myway.com
Date: Mon Apr 25 04:04:51 GMT-12:00 2005
I loved getting a chance to look into the windows of your world thru the windows of the internet!! I look forward to meeting you and your future SAR pup!! You have a wonderful site...keep up the great work.

Name: Andrea Van Der Molen
Email: avann@wowway.com
Date: Thu Apr 14 00:53:09 GMT-12:00 2005
Our family lives in Illinois. We have researched Entlebuchers and hope to have one soon. I enjoyed your photos. Hope you have the rest of the website up soon.

Name: laughingwolf
Email: sinner1man@gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 15 13:48:39 GMT-12:00 2005
hiya kk, tl and zu :o ...lol

hope ye be healing nicely from the tumble, the pic ye paint is hilarious, but the fall must have been painful :(

bb and hugglees n slobbersnuffs to all

Name: Stephanie
Email: steph.marsh@comcast.net
Date: Tue Dec 21 20:23:39 GMT-12:00 2004
Hello Kimmi, Sorry it has been so long since I\'ve written...busy..busy. Booney is doing GREAT! Edgar and Booney love eachother so much and our sooo happy. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift! He is such a great addition to our family. I\'ll send pictures soon. Congrads on your move...& have a VERY Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Take care!!!

Name: Jesse
Email: william_walker@dell.com
Date: Wed Dec 15 16:54:13 GMT-12:00 2004
Hey Mrs. Taylor. This is Jesse, the guy that sold you the VERY nice notebook. I HAVE seen those types of dogs before, they are very pretty dogs. One of my good friends is looking for a dog, so I sent him the link to your website to convince him. Looks like you have a wonderful life out there in SD. Best of Luck, Jesse

Name: monkey
Email: monkey_boy244@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 09 12:08:55 EST 2004
We have had an entle for a while and it just died to kidney failure please help us

Name: Laurie Manthey
Email: jeano1961@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Dec 07 03:09:06 EST 2004
My husband and I have just moved back to his family farm in south central S.Dak. and I have been looking for a dog to get out here. I bought a dog book and instantly fell in love with the entlebucher\'s personality. Our children are grown and I wanted a dog with a gentle personality. I was unaware of the genetic problems of the entlebuchers though. Is that why they are considered a rare breed?

Name: Laura Liang
Email: liang5@mac.com
Date: Thu Dec 02 22:56:43 EST 2004
Hi Kimmi, will try to call you soon - I have some sad news about Brittany. She is alive but fighting for her sweet little life! Did you guys move? I need to send you our Christmas card unless it gets forwarded!! Hope you are doing well. Peace to you, Laura

Name: laughingwolf
Email: laughingwolf@spymac.com
Date: Sun Nov 07 07:14:36 EST 2004
kk m\'dear! grats on the BIG move! happy to hear you\'re finally outa that shoebox! ;) lol ...again, sorry for your loss, love :( ...tis never easy with any loved one... bb and hugglees n slobbersnuffs :x :x :x

Name: Gene White
Email: gene4unot@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Oct 30 12:42:16 EDT 2004
Hey guys, I just want to say thanks for getting in touch with me. I will from now on out a headliner in all my emails to you or just send them from me (that is the ones of good taste). Great stories of your work. I have enjoyed reading them. Until we meet again. Love, Gene

Name: becky convery
Email: bconvery@bresnan.net
Date: Fri Oct 08 17:15:19 EDT 2004
Hi -

we met once in Petsmart in Missoula. I am interested in finding out about getting an E puppy. I just lost my beagle mix of 14 years. I have two other dogs ages 5 &6, both females and both adopted pound puppies. I fell in love with the look of the Entle and its size and personality seem right for me. I would love to visit your kennel in the near future. I now live in Helena. Please contact me at 370-1682 or by email.

Name: Tracy
Email: tjbseattle@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 12 12:55:07 EDT 2004
Enzian update: She continues to amaze us everyday with her intelligence and enthusiasm. Fearless, sweet, playful, Tazmanian devil, crazy girl all describe her at 4.5 months. Frisbees, floats and stuffed animals are her favorite toys and wild salmonberries straight off the bush are her favorite food. ONLY 4.5 MONTHS! I cannot imagine what the next few months will bring!! What a trip she is!

Name: Jay & Tracey from NJ
Date: Wed Jul 28 16:43:29 EDT 2004
Hi Kimmi, Nice website, Ariba says Hi, she\'s been a great big sister to our 2 year old girl, and is looking forward to having another sister this fall. She\'s a great dog, happy and healthy.

Name: Tracy
Email: tjbseattle@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Jun 24 01:27:27 EDT 2004
Thank you so much for Enzian!! Although only 12 weeks old, she is doing so well in Alaska! She thinks that beaches, tall grass and driftwood are just about the best things next to food! And her idea of the \"ideal\" walk is to run straight up hills, the steeper, the better...is this a trait of the breed? We can hardly wait until it snows!! Yes, she loves \"Americanos\" and we\'ve also been told that the Swiss Mountain dog breeds like beer--hmmm, not testing that theory!! She\'s been a great ambassador for the breed, with many people wanting to know where they can obtain such an \"intelligent, beautiful, sweet dog.\" So far, every day has been an adventure with her! Thank you again!

Name: Carlo vom Gl?ndhof
Email: carlo@carlo-vom-glaendhof.de
Date: Wed Jun 23 13:27:41 EDT 2004
Hi from Germany,
surfing throug the world-wide-web we found your homepage. Congratulations - it\'s a real good and informing page! Your dogs are fascinating and we wish you all the best for your effort to increase the Entle breed. We know about the difficulties because we have the same problems in Germany. If you want come on over and visit us - we\'re looking forward to your comment in our guestbook. Kind regards Carlo & his human family

Name: Louise Russell
Email: lilourussell@comcast.net
Date: Mon May 24 22:48:19 EDT 2004
Dear Kimmi. I love seeing the additions to your Entle gang. Nandi(aka Albright Bob) is asleep in his bed next to his cat as I write this. When he was tested for sheepherding this past fall he was judged a Steinway. Alas, no sheep here in Alameda. He goes off with his WoofWalks gang twice a week and goes on long wlaks with Mom. Now that he is 3 he is well-behaved(thanks to our training seriously together) and is a welcome guest in friends\' homes. Love & Wags. Louise

Name: Barbara B
Email: bbunchuk@bellsouth.net
Date: Sat Aug 24 08:52:21 EDT 2002
Good job Kimmi. A very professional looking web site without the usual foo-foo stuff. Just enough info to inform the reader. ome sites have far too much info and the reader gets bored quickly. Too bad I\'m not in the market for a puppy, this is a dog I would definatley consider.

Name: Carol B.
Date: Sun Sep 08 18:27:41 EDT 2002
Great! Very informative! thanks for giving me the web address - i love the pictures!

Name: Terri
Email: teetersews@earthlink.net
Date: Sat Sep 14 17:46:29 EDT 2002
You\'ve done a great job on this site!

Name: entlelove
Date: Mon Sep 16 22:25:04 EDT 2002
I like the site Auntie Kimmi!!!

Name: Berni
Date: Sat Sep 21 20:09:32 EDT 2002
I think I recognize some of my Entle friends. Tell \'em hi!!

Name: Your Sis, Ali
Date: Wed Oct 16 01:29:53 EDT 2002
You done good Sis!!!

Name: Inga-Britt
Email: greaterswissmountaindog@yahoo.se
Date: Thu Dec 05 09:26:48 EST 2002
I found my way here and I put a link to this new site of yours on my linkpage. I enjoyed my visit, take care
Best wishes from Sweden

Name: Rose Wood
Email: muddrose8@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Dec 07 15:36:18 EST 2002
Love your site, Rose and Bootlegger Bob

Name: Naughty Pixie
Date: Fri Dec 27 02:45:48 EST 2002
Just dusting your home with holiday cheer! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

Name: Tony and Jennifer Scionti
Email: jtcscionti@earthlink.net
Date: Wed Jan 01 19:21:53 EST 2003
Hi! Loved your site. Cannot wait to talk to you again. Please email us anytime you like.

Name: Arco
Email: arco@entlebucher.at
Date: Sun Feb 09 15:01:57 EST 2003
Greetings from Germany to all Entlebucher fan !
Salutations ? tous les Entlebucher ventilateur d\'Allemagne !

Name: gerd / germany
Email: mail@superced.de
Date: Sat Apr 26 04:39:21 EDT 2003
I found your site through another page and I like it very much. It?s a lot of information. We have an appenzeller mountain dog and an entlebucher mountain dog (\"superced\") and we like them very, very much!

with greetings

Name: susanne
Email: susanne_kunkel@t-online.de
Date: Thu May 08 02:01:13 EDT 2003
Hello, from Germany! You have a nice site, beautiful dogs and the photo gallery is great!! The entles are the best dogs of the world! :-) I have two entledogs too. Please visit our homepage: http://www.amor-und-deister.de
merry greetings, bye, bye,

Name: Bill Campbell
Email: willcampbell@attbi.com
Date: Tue May 13 10:43:31 EDT 2003
Great web site. I think I saw a picture of Al in the photo gallery!

Name: Melissa Neyland
Email: missmelisn@aol.com
Date: Thu May 15 11:04:16 EDT 2003
Great job Kimmi. Love the pictures

Name: nancy
Email: jackie94712001@yahoo.com
Date: Sat May 24 13:16:45 EDT 2003
great website lots of information on the breed only question how much would a pet quality pup or adult cost? tnaks

Name: brian kolowich & family
Email: bkolo@netbeam.net
Date: Tue May 27 00:36:47 EDT 2003
still want to knoe when you have a litter cookin. I have some friends frm Germany who will bring me a pup, but I want to keep in touch just the same.

Name: Kate T.
Date: Sat Jun 07 15:50:18 EDT 2003
I am looking forward to owning one of these dogs after seeing your website!!! And they are cuuuuuuuute!!!

Name: Al Foell
Email: alfoell@charter.net
Date: Mon Jun 09 12:51:46 EDT 2003
Hey Guys! Great site! Love, Al

Name: Magie
Date: Mon Jul 07 22:51:02 EDT 2003
Great photos of Chikletz!! Looks like she has taken up quilting, or at least the job of \"quilt inspector!\"

Name: Monica Zaworski
Email: Ironclad_greaterswiss@yahoo.com
Date: Thu Jul 31 22:26:08 EDT 2003
Kimmi you\'ve done a great job on the website! Beautiful dogs! I shal always be a fan of Tobie!

Name: Kristina
Email: kristina.kindmark@telia.com
Date: Fri Aug 29 04:32:01 EDT 2003
So nice to see pictures of some of my own dog\'s relatives! I have a 1 1/2 year old male, Dalaleds ?rnie, who (obviuosly!) comes from the same kennel as two of your dogs. He is a wonderful companion and we hope that he will become a Swedish Show Champion when he turns two. Another funny thing - me and my family have actually lived in Montana although it is long ago now - in Hamilton. Montana is spectacularly beautiful!

Name: Bonnie Bullard
Email: bunnilove2002@yajoo.com
Date: Tue Nov 04 22:52:37 EST 2003
Really enjoyed your site love the Dogs and puppys so cute,i have a sisterand brother -in law that lives in Bozman Mt.have visited there , love it there, thank you for sharing your site! thre pictures are great!

Name: Brenda Smith
Email: Btexiesmith8@aol.com
Date: Thu Nov 06 14:08:50 EST 2003
I would like to know more about these dogs. Size, tempermt, avg. cost etc. Beautiful dogs.

Name: regis opferman
Email: ropferman@comcast.net
Date: Wed Dec 10 22:26:47 EST 2003
Hi Kim Great talking to you today. It\'s neat to talk to someone who cares so much for her animals. I left a message for Jackie to call me. I will be in touch. Best wishes Regis

Name: Ann
Email: asieradzki@insinger.com
Date: Fri Dec 12 10:57:09 EST 2003
Hi from Holland. Am also the proud owner of a 2 1/2 year old Entle and it is a joy to visit your site....keep up the good work!!

Name: Inga-Britt
Email: iblundberg@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 18 08:56:02 EST 2003
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Swiss dogs

Name: Isabella and Gino
Email: Gino.der.Entlebucher@web.de
Date: Fri Jan 09 17:35:14 EST 2004
I\'ve just found a link to your homepage on another website and I\'m quite surprised how nice this homepage is and how many informations about Entles I can find here.
I live in Munich, Germany and have myself an Entlebucher caled Gino. He\'s three years old and we love him very much. We\'re quite crazy about Entles;-)
Best wishes,
Isabella and Gino *wuff*

Name: DebbiG
Email: etainne@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Mar 06 01:45:34 EST 2004
This is a great website! The dogs look great! It's nice to be able to see them.

Name: tony (aka: laughingwolf)
Email: blueshorse@yahoo.ca
Date: Tue Mar 23 15:34:19 EST 2004
kimmi m'dear, i finally took the time to post here.:) i know ye both be in pain from the loss of yer beloved 4-legged 'child' n send ye my prayers, best wishes n brightest blessings to help fill the hole she left in yer hearts n lives! tis never easy, but know ye will survive this, too!
hugglees n slobbersnuffs to all!