Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

- Breed Information ~ What the Entle is & definitely is NOT!

The Entlebucher has the personality of a working dog.  It needs to interact with its owner.  Most dog owners today do not have a herd of animals for their dog to work.  If you don't find something for your EMD to do, your Entle will develop its' own hobbies. Once you've overcome the handicap of being herdless, if you provide the proper training, socialization and bonding for your Entle, everything changes.  This is not a breed that can simply be stuck in the back yard on a chain.  Doing this can lead to an Entle that reverts back to the Molassis, not commonly considered a good pet in modern America.

We strongly urge new owners to enroll themselves, with the new EMD pup, into puppy Kindergarten classes. The more positive training you invest in the Entle, the better the rewards!  The young Entle needs to be exposed to the world: dogs, people and different situations.  The Entle puppy gets many clues simply by paying attention to its owner.  By watching you, the dog learns its guarding responsibilities. It is natural for the Entle to protect its charge or pack family.  The Entlebucher is known as a "non-aggressive guardian companion."  We believe it can be dangerous to send an EMD to "police dog academy."  The Entle will bond very strongly with the person(s) who provide the training.  Have mercy on the individual who sends his Entle pup to a professional "guard dog" trainer and then gets a young adult dog who doesn't know him back into the home!  Instead, we prefer to place our pups with families who wish to have a well-trained companion.  If the Entle gets the bonding, training and socialization it requires to be a successful representative of the breed, there is no doubt its family will also have a loyal, but gentle guardian.

Friend, Dianna, learns how focused an Entle can be when it comes to toys! She soon discovered they are extremely enthusiastic about that tennis ball.  She almost outran them, but the Entle is known for it's speed.  Even pups, always intently eager to display their herding skills, are able to catch and attempt to move Dianna.  These inherent characteristics are a very good reason to train the pups from the beginning.  It also helps to have a good sense of humor when you share life with this highly intelligent breed!  One never knows when the Entle is going to challenge the laws of physics.  By the way, we did help free Dianna from the clutches of the puppy teeth around her pants cuffs. ;-)