Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

Hello Detroit!!!!

First off, her name is pronounced "day-twah", but she'll answer to Detroit, too.  This lovely baby is also from Shoobox Kennel, from Shirley Miller's Heidi and Birkenstock.  This gal has energy galore!  So far, Detroit has been training Alfred to let her be a lap dog, taking lots of sweet naps as he reads and watches t.v.  Detroit is learning that it isn't okay to chase the cats, that mom doesn't want her in with the sheep & llamas, as well as it is never okay to climb the gate just because we're on the outside!!  This kid is really keeping us on our toes!!  She's a love, though and her structure is very sound at this time.  Combined with her intelligence, eagerness to learn & please, as well as her stunning markings, we hope she'll be a benefit to the Entle gene pool someday.  It will depend on those hip & eye exams, of course.


Detroit likes to take naps with Alfred on the big bed.  We have a step system next to the bed, so that the dogs are able to get up and down, without risk of injuring their joints.  Detroit is such a sleepy baby in this photo, waiting for Dad to come lay down with her for a short energy snooze.  She can barely keep her eyes open!



It's a blurry picture, but here the girls, Gingerbread & Detroit, are playing in the snow!  This was Detroit's first exposure to snow and she loved it!  It's a blast to see her chasing the snowflakes, making snow angels and just romping through the drifts!



Detroit and Molecule are taking time to warm up on the futon, getting that quilt all comfy for their paws.  These two girls, as well as our Chikletz are all half-sisters, with Shoobox's Birkenstock as their sire.  Each of the girls has a different mother, which shows up in their personalities and markings. Aren't these girls sooo pretty?! :^)