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Sweet Chikki!

Here's our sweet little Chikletz!  She's from Shoobox Kennels and is a beautiful, spunky little pup!  Already this little gal has established the nickname of "Chikki in Charge" among the big dogs in our pack!  We welcomed Chikletz to our pack on Friday, April 18, 2003.  As we get more photos taken of her, you can be sure we'll be adding them here!


Chikki is quite the star here - taking over as the queen of the kennel.  You can be sure the older girls are "humoring her", as she chases them all over the place.  Amazing how quiet it gets here when she's taking one of her power naps! :-)



Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Chikletz!

Chikki Update - February 10, 2004

Chikki has matured into a beautiful little girl, with such a sweet disposition.  She loves to sleep with us at night and is often seen sitting as close to us as possible.  Chikki enjoys playing tug with the other kids, er dogs, often winning!  She's been a quick learner, always eager to please.

Here are a couple of new photos of her... enjoy! :^)

Heidipants, Chikletz and Molly have a grand time drinking from the tub faucet!  Ever since Chikki was a new pup here, she's always liked to play in the bathtub.  That is, until mom brings out the soap, then she's racing for under the bed!  Silly girl!





This was taken on a beautiful day, when Chikki was restricted to only one pen in our dog yard.  She wasn't too sure about the big white "dog" in the back pen and barked at Stryker for a long time.  Now she wants to herd him and the sheep, but that's not being encouraged.