Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

Bosco aka Gallahad v. Hephzibah

Here's a photo of Bosco, doing such a pretty sit, his first winter.  He LOVES the snow!  His original name, because he was born in the "G" litter, is Gallahad v. Hephzibah.  Isn't he such a handsome boy?

Meet Bosco!

This is Bosco, the last of our pups, born to Heidipants and Ingo, in late summer of 2004.  He's a cutie, very lovable and soooo smart.  This photo was taken when he was a young pup.  He still looks pretty much the same, except he's got a bit of winter weight on... but who doesn't when they live in the arctic temps of South Dakota?