Hephzibah Kennels

Taylor's Entlebuchers of South Dakota

Anwar v. Hephzibah

Anwar is the only pup, from a litter of two, which our beloved Cricket Big Sky had on July 5, 2002.  There were some complications with the birth, a C-section, when the pups had a little oxygen deprivation.  With a lot of persistance, tears and the excellent care provided by our vet, one of the pups pulled through.  This was our Anwar, a sweet little boy we call our "special kid".  Anwar's mom wasn't sure she wanted anything to do with her puppy the first couple of days, so Kim bottle fed him, until another of our girls (Kiki) had her litter the same week.  Kiki instantly adopted Anwar into her litter, giving him all the mother's care that he needed.  It broke our hearts when Cricket passed away a couple of months later, due to a stroke.  We were so glad we had made the decision to keep her son, so now we have a bit of her with us, still.

Anwar is a very healthy boy today, though he may not be the brightest kid on the block.  That's okay with us, because he is so good natured.  Our vet has assured us he is normal in every way, just a little "special" in the mental catagory, because of the circumstances during his birth.  So far, he has proved her correct. We will be having his hips and eyes tested as soon as he reaches his 2nd birthday this year.  Enjoy these photos of Anni... whom we fondly call by the names of Anni-boy, Anarchy, Annikins..... :^)


Anni is our resident ear-washer.  Whenever he thinks it is needed, he'll flip up the ear(s) of the other kids and thoroughly wash them clean.  He's been seen trying to do this to some of the cats, also, but so far it's only Jaxx who will tolerate this nonsense.

If you look closely, you can see the resemblence to his father, Toby, in this picture.



Anwar loves his toys.  He takes after his late mother in that respect.  Anni doesn't understand that he is no longer a teeny puppy, so he always wants to be in someone's lap.  He still likes to give kisses, too.  We have learned recently that he has taught himself how to open doors, however - maybe because he has all his faculties in other physical areas.  Now we watch him closely when the girls are in season!



Here is a photo of Kim giving Anwar his first bottle feeding.  We were glad to have gotten some of his mom's colostrum in him before she rejected him.  Notice Heidipant's nose sniffing the tiny puppy?  She has always been very good at adopting other pups, when their moms won't feed them anymore.  Kiki was chosen this time, though, because she had her litter a week before Heidipants had hers.  Kim was feeding Anni-boy every half hour with a formula especially for newborn pups.  She continued with this schedule for 4 days, until Kiki had whelped her litter.  Of course, Alfred took over a few of the shifts, so Kim could get some sleep. She had spent 3 hours, when he was born, giving Anni mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep him breathing, so she had a hard time staying away for too lone from this baby.